Retail POS

Speed & Flexibility for the Changing Retail Landscape

Built for agility, brand control, customization, and any-time, any-where implementation, the new Retail Pro gives you what you need to meet today’s retail challenges – head on.

With over 20+ years of experience in more than 128 countries, representing 18 languages, over 54,000+ locations and over 159,000 POS installations, Retail Pro is a global powerhouse in retail POS and inventory management, but agile and flexible enough to allow individualized customization, service and support.

IMS is the world leader of Retail Pro installations in stadiums and arenas, and Retail Pro is the leading retail POS software installed in North American major league stadiums and arenas.

Flexibility & Customization

The Dynamics of Brand Interaction Have Changed. So Has Retail Pro.

Online, Offline, PC, tablet, handheld, Business Intelligence

The retail experience has new meaning in today’s virtual retail space. Off-line, on-line, kiosk, or tablet, different channels have unique user-interface and messaging requirements. Recognized as the leader in Brand integration through its truly flexible user-interface, Retail pro gives you more control and flexibility to fit your unique business needs, processes, and brand requirements.

IMS experience and insight takes Retail Pro’s robust inventory management foundation and configuration flexibility, and works with you to construct a unique implementation that meets your needs today and is scalable into the future.


Open Architecture

Agile Software, Retail Pro Has It

The hallmark of Retail Pro is its ability to provide any type of retailer, through any type of channel, with the agile software architecture to meet store-by-store, or even terminal-by-terminal needs. Do kiosks fit your business model? How about Smartphones or Tablets? Does your core system play well with your E-commerce channel? Retail Pro’s dynamic architecture, APIs, Application plug-ins and integrations including integration to STADIS©, enable feature and function customization required for today’s demanding environments.


Robust Yet Flexible and Lightweight

Retail Pro Prism is the next generation in user driven retail POS. Lightweight enough to allow any operating system and hardware deployment, yet stable enough to handle online or offline workloads, IMS has deployed Prism in high volume stadium and arena environments.
Don’t worry about operational performance. Subsidiary management and backend operations like receiving, transfers, PO, auto functions, grid setup and ordering, along with reporting, query and Business Intelligence is driven through an Oracle database.

Flexible enough for the single store or robust enough for handling the NFL’s biggest events, IMS and Retail Pro can provide your next generation retail solution, available today.

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