IMS Cloud Hosting for Retail Pro

Efficiency and Scalability for Your Business


IMS has the processes and resources to transfer applications and workloads to our Cloud in no time.


Focus resources on strategic initiatives vs. paying for and managing power, cooling, maintenance, updates, patch management, etc.


Expand or reduce resources to ensure capacity keeps up with demand without wasting money on unnecessary resources.


Robust security features, antivirus and redundant backup keeps your content safe. Uptime is documented and reliable.

Scalable Cloud Hosting

IMS Cloud Hosting utilizes multiple geographically diverse data centers, providing unique virtualization and replication technologies allowing you to take advantage of cloud resources, leverage, scale, efficiency, redundancy and security to run your Retail Pro applications. The IMS offering provides existing Retail Pro customers with a “Software as a Service” (SaaS) capability, generally for less than basic Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) from major vendors like Microsoft (Azure), AWS and Rackspace. This allows us to transfer software operations, software management, updates, and support reliably from your onsite resources to our IMS resources (managing Retail Pro and resources necessary to run Retail Pro reliably in the Cloud). This enable IMS to manage and scale resource loads easily, since the IMS Cloud has access to virtually unlimited resources to power the most resource-intensive applications, databases, and business intelligence/reporting capabilities.

Our IMS Cloud Hosting allows businesses to transfer the hosting and management of Retail Pro software and application workloads from on-premise servers to our IMS Cloud Hosted environment.  From there, your systems are universally accessible, reliable, secure and performance is lightning fast.

Ideal For


Multi-store Retailers

Best POS System for Retail Stores IMS

Multi-franchise Operators

professional firms point of sales and data aggregation (1)

Professional Services Firms

Dependability, Uptime and Security

IMS “Silver” Cloud Hosting

Utilizing multiple data centers both in North America and now internationally, IMS Cloud resources provide for speed, dependability and redundancy no matter where you need connectivity. With high availability resources and real-time failover, know your uptime is assured with a zero recovery point objective. As an added layer of resiliency, we offer our 3rd party vaulted, off-site backup.   


And unlike IaaS providers, IMS offers critical Cloud operations management of all key IT infrastructure components and the Retail Pro Application, so you can keep your resources focused on your business needs, not just IT issues and maintenance.


IMS Silver Hosting incorporates the most up-to-date security and operations features including:

• Firewalls

• Local back-up

• Domain controllers

• Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

• Server-based anti-virus and malware protection

• Server-based operating system updates and patch management

• Power and network monitoring

• Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring & Management

• Retail Pro updates at the server level (POS excluded)


And by utilizing IMS’s i-Manage suite of automation tools, you can be confident in knowing management is assured, day or night.

IMS “Gold” Cloud Hosting

IMS knows that regional disasters may affect your business and put critical operations at risk.  IMS “Gold Hosting” adds an additional layer of critical uptime and business operations resiliency to all IMS Silver Hosting features by including far-line data center replication for disaster recovery. Compute capacity, server ram, flash storage and shared storage are included.


The IMS Gold Hosting far-line replication option provides replication of your data to another regionally diverse location where your data is constantly being backed up. For example, your primary hosted environment is in Phoenix, AZ and your secondary site is hosted in Atlanta, GA. In the event of a disaster where your primary operations may be impacted, we will have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to failover your cloud operations and data per that prescribed SLA, meeting your Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) that meets your business needs (These can be adjusted to support your specific SLA requirements).

Why IMS?

IMS is the world leader of Retail Pro installations in stadiums and arenas. With our 20+ years of experience in installations and optimizations, IMS is providing a clear path to migrate applications to the cloud. This allows IMS to offer agile, secure and scalable solutions to free management to focus on driving the business, not technology management.

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