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Speed & Flexibility for the Changing Retail Landscape

Built for agility, brand control, customization, and anytime, anywhere implementation, the new Retail Pro gives you what you need to meet today’s retail challenges – head on.

Product & Services

Flexibility to retail your way.

Retail Pro accommodates any number of stores and vendors, and permits multiple subsidiaries, languages, currencies, and country tax structures in the same system.

Optimize business operations with hardware that best fits your environment and budget. 

Fully Supported by IMS

As a certified Retail Pro Business partner, IMS serves as a one stop shop for product support, service, and region-specific localization  (language, currency, and tax needs).

Our account managers partner alongside yours for project management- assisting in all aspects of planning, management, and implementation.

We offer completely individual consultations, designed to help you analyze and improve your existing strategy. 

Seamlessly Integrate and Customize

The flexibility inherent in Retail Pro’s design allows you to integrate local and legacy systems, so you can maximize use of available and existing resources while still looking to the future.

Mix and match different plug-ins to create a unified branding experience or integrate automated data reporting to monitor productivity. The sky’s the limit with custom user-plugins.

Why IMS?

IMS is the world leader of Retail Pro installations in stadiums and arenas. With our 20+ years of experience in installations and optimizations, IMS has partnered with Retail Pro to form a powerhouse in retail POS and inventory management.  This allows us to offer agile, flexible and robust solutions to create individualized strategy, service and support.

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