The Future of Secure Payments

Secure Payments

Lightning fast, ultra-secure payment processing system.

Accept All Payment Types

Credit cards, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Mobile Payments and Gift Cards.

P2P Encryption

Utilizing the latest tokenization and encryption methods for processing.

EMV Integrated

Protection against cyber attacks and malware for transactional security.

TSYS: Seamless Integrations

Integrated seamlessly with Retail Pro & eMobilePOS, TSYS lets you accept credit card payments in the most secure environment possible. P2PE certified, encrypted, tokenized, and proven under the most extreme circumstances, TSYS offers the next generation of payment processing. TSYS Genius Platform can handle smart pin steering, line item displays, and even brand advertising.   The range of accepted payment types adds to consumer accessibility, while also ensuring that your team never misses out on a potential sale.

Ideal For:

Food & Beverage (F&B)

Process payments quickly and securely to keep customers and tickets moving.

Retail Locations

Integrate seamlessly with your existing Retail Pro account for quick start-up.
ims pos solutions and food and beverage popup locations

Pop-Up Kiosks

Protect user data and ensure customers feel secure at the point of purchase with integrated payments and P2PE.

Integrated, Secure Payments

Our integrated payment options process and encrypt payment information faster than traditional non-integrated methods.  This improves efficiency at the point of sale. 

Our P2PE validated solutions and high implementation standards ensure next-level security.

TSYS’ Integrated Payment options:

• Reduce time spent on redundant data entry

• Eliminate cashier and reconciliation errors

• Minimize cashier fraud 

• Comes complete with digital reconciliation.

Peer-to-Peer Encryption

P2PE is the most secure security standard established by the PCI Security Standards Council. Employing the latest tokenization and encryption methodologies, TSYS’ Genius Solution provides maximum protection against payment fraud.

Save Time With P2PE

For organizations that use a P2PE validated solution provider, the PCI controls are reduced from 329 questions to just 35.  This ultimately saves customers time and efforts in their payment training management.

to just 35.  This ultimately saves vendors time and efforts in their payment training management.

Secure encryption ensures payments are handled and processed with no loose ends.

EMV Provides Ultimate Protection

EMV protects customers and businesses from security liabilities, significantly reducing the quality and efficiency of hacks and cyber-attacks. When an EMV card is inserted into the machine, data moves between the card chip and the bank to verify the card’s legitimacy.  It then creates unique transaction data, to ensure protection.

Contactless, chip and pin, chip and signature, chip only.  The methods are endless, and they’re all secure.

Why IMS?

The exclusive Retail Pro, eMobilePOS-TSYS integration offers multiple payment programs, all geared towards giving you multiple payment options, such as: Genius purchase Genius Solution-As-A-Service Programs for Gateway and Credit Card processing, and Gateway only options IMS prides itself on creating additional value for our TSYS customers. We take a solutions, data-based approach to create an “unfair advantage” for every business we work with. Reach out today and let’s get started.

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