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IN 1994

Our Mission:

Empower Every Business to Use Data More Effectively

About International Micro Systems (IMS)

Established in 1994, International Micro Systems (IMS) is the leading Data Integration, Point-of-Sale, and Business Services Company in the industry. We provide unique insights to sports, leisure, entertainment, specialty retail, and cultural institutions.

IMS is also the developer of STADIS©, a leading Integration and Engagement Platform. IMS’s unique mix of experience, capabilities and insights provides retailers a clear roadmap for navigating today’s fast changing retail landscape.


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Our Approach

01. Define your Problem

IMS will work with you to crystallize the goals that will guide the rest of our process.

02. Clarify Payoffs

We will help you determine which key performance indicators (KPIs) are essential for measuring progress towards your goals, and help you develop a mix of reports, queries, dashboards or Business Intelligence capabilities..

03. Go to Market & Technical Planning

Each system could have hundreds of optional set up configurations. We consider the additional systems and integrations needed to achieve your goals

04. Product & Installation

Installing your system is easy. The more complex your environment, the more systems involved in your implementation, the more you can depend on IMS to manage the technical chessboard for implementation success.

05. Understand Business & Workflow Process

The design of your new system will determine how you use it. Understanding how you work today, and how you want to work tomorrow, will be a critical determinant of success and satisfaction.

06. People & Training

IMS will train your team on the features, functions and modules they will use. We also offer access to online training materials including videos, spec sheets and downloadable implementation documents.

07. Internal & External Promotion

From formal project plans, to standing meetings and review sessions, IMS seeks to guide you through the process with confidence.

Industries Served:

Innovative Products

Our range of products are customizable, integrable, and user friendly.  They are designed to fit into your existing business model, maximize earnings, and help capture and leverage data differently.


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