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Our range of products are customizable, integrable, and user friendly.  They are designed to fit into your existing business model, maximize earnings, and help capture and leverage data differently.

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IMS is a technology services company that has been serving the Retail Industry for over 25 years.


While we specialize in serving small/medium businesses, we have also completed projects on some of the world’s biggest stages. We help businesses efficiently manage operations by improving processes, implementing unique and comprehensive integrations, and providing additional sources of data intelligence.


We believe that by providing businesses with the tools, technology and insights needed to gather and analyze their data more effectively, we can help them create a competitive advantage.

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More control

Defined budgets and cash flows eliminate risk, and scale alongside your business.

Informed decision making

Real-time, reliable data improves probabilities for success.

Engage customers

Create custom campaigns to track individual customer engagement in real time.

Operational savings

Increase efficiency by automating manual processes.

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