IT Management

Solve Every Day Business Challenges

Live Trouble Shooting

Our support team leverages specific, real time feedback from your devices to determine problem source identification and provide you with the fastest resolution possible.

Complete IT Management

Complete backend management, data consolidation, metric analyses and reports save time and streamline efficiency.

IMS Cloud Hosting

Utilize our expansive cloud resources to efficiently run business critical applications (like Retail Pro and STADIS) with integrations and provide access to data, files, dashboards and reports.

Omni Channel Distribution

Access vital IT assets and files from any smartphone tablet, laptop or PC at a moment’s notice.

Complete Backend Solutions

Through our IT management services, business owners now have the ability to free up key personnel to focus on strategic initiatives and drive revenue. IMS IT management provides the ability to highlight and act upon different data points. In addition to complete backend management, IMS allows custom management packages as well, including:

• Server Management

• Hardware and peripheral management

• Backup, recovery and restoration services

• Security Solutions, including Threat & Virus Protection, Firewalls and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA),

Ideal For

Best POS System for Bakeries & Cafes IMS

Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Small business owners are forced to wear just about every hat in the store. Save valuable time and utilize efficient data storage and presentation for efficiency.

Franchise Locations

Ensure every store front is up to speed and in the loop with universally available data and content assets.

Multi-Store Locations

Utilize a cohesive backend storage system for your sales team to easily pull reports, product histories and facts, regardless of which store they’re in.

Retail Locations

Keep backend systems and company computers clear, while providing on-the-floor sales associates with lightning fast data access.

Live POS Solutions and Troubleshooting

Your IMS support team can now leverage specific, real time data to provide you with the fastest solutions possible.  

Our years of retail knowledge and POS integration expertise ensure faster problem source identification and error resolution. Our team ensures that any backend lapses, game-day worries, or additional hiccups that may arise are handled quickly, efficiently and professionally.  The last things a vendor needs to worry about during business hours are slow speeds, processing issues, and technical malfunctions.  We are here to ensure that you have significant uptime & availability from the critical systems that support your business. 

IMS specializes in tailoring solutions to fit a business model.  That’s why we offer price bundle efficiencies to ensure your management requirements are met within budget. 

IMS Cloud Hosting for Scalability

Our IMS Cloud Hosting allows businesses to transfer Retail Pro software application workloads from on-premise servers directly into our IMS Cloud.  From there, operations are lightning fast, and universally accessible.

At a fraction of the price of Amazon Webservices (AWS) and cheaper than options from Microsoft and RackSpace, IMS Cloud Hosting provides businesses with the resources they need to scale, ensuring reliability, security, operational efficiency, compliance and scalability.

IMS Cloud Hosting allows vendors and managers to transfer and share live data dashboards, provide available patches & updates, utilize support features, and operate at lightning speeds from any access point, on any device. Use the cloud to manage and scale resource loads in real time, or simply provide a clean, easy to use User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) for your team. 

Why IMS?

Our data and cloud hosting services are fast, simple, accessible, and ultra-secure.  We rely on our experience in providing cloud services and industry-leading security to implement the IT infrastructure that businesses need to scale.  IMS Cloud Hosting allows retailers to leverage the experience, knowledge, and servers of the IMS team, while relying on us for critical tasks like patch management, updates, security protection, and network management. Furthermore, our application knowledge & expertise with Retail Pro, STADIS, eMobile POS, and the many bolt-on integrations that accompany it, allow our team to understand your full scope of operations.  Reach out today and let’s talk about your business, systems & IT needs.

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