Digital Marketing

In Partnership with Forge Apollo

Content Creation

Video production, video editing, content offers, blogs, graphic design and social media content.


Advanced SEO tactics, planning, reports and strategy. Direct PPC management as well.


Fully responsive, secure e-commerce sites designed to seamlessly facilitate sales.


Tracked emails incorporated into drip campaigns and custom cycles designed to drive engagement.

Web Design

Everything from simple design touchups, to mobile optimization, domain transfers, and complete custom builds

A Partnership for Growth

Digital content is an absolute necessity in today’s marketing landscape, but just having the assets in your corner isn’t enough. IMS is proud to present a partnership with Forge Apollo, designed to help optimize your digital marketing process.   Through Forge Apollo, digital video content, web design, SEO, paid social media advertising, and content marketing strategy are all integrated. Everything is optimized around a 360-degree digital ecosystem, providing actionable results for your brand.

Ideal For

F&B / Restaurants

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Growing Businesses

Established Companies


Content Creation

Video content is the most widely engaged form of content.  Videos can be used to tell a specific story, highlight branding, provide product insights, or even demonstrate value.  The team at Forge Apollo specializes in creating custom, high quality video content that is optimized for every distribution channel. 

Written content is a great way to tailor your services as a solution to a consumer’s problems.  Blogs, white papers and long form content positioned around a search engine query help demonstrate value and drive traffic.  One-pager’s, infographics, cheat sheets and case studies are easy to digest quickly, and make great shareable content as well.


Keywords are search terms that are identified through search analysis.  It’s important to identify and capitalize on those that are most associated with your business or industry;  maintaining high search volume but lower competition.

An integral part of effective SEO is competitor analysis.  Competitor analysis can involve domain authority, position tracking, traffic, and paid ads analyses.

Web Design

Today, over half of all site visitors come from a mobile device.  A responsive website is one that is designed to respond to multiple screen sizes, meaning no matter what device a user comes from, the site looks the same.  Ensuring your website is responsive is crucial in today’s digital space.

Custom website builds are oriented around a client’s goals.  Some sites are designed to facilitate sales, while others are strictly set up to promote a business.  It’s important that a custom build encapsulate your business as a whole, and drive traffic where you want it to go.

User journey refers to a site visitor’s path through your site.  When crafting a site it’s important to think about wherre you want to lead traffic, and how you want them to interact with your content.  UX stands for user experience, or the experience your visitor has with your age.  UI stands for user interface, which is the physical layout and design of a page.

Email Marketing

A drip campaign is a method that involves lead nurture programs to acquire customers. Drip campaigns often involve targeted email lists that are sent informative content in stages The purpose is to drive prospects further down the marketing funnel. 


Segmenting your email lists by key demographics or stages in the marketing funnel can help improve campaign efficiency. It’s also important to ensure all of your email campaigns are being tracked through a CRM in order to measure efficiency, delivery rate, open rate, bounce rate and click through rate as well.

Paid Media & Spend

 Paid media refers to external marketing efforts that involve paid placement.  This can include branded content, display ads and PPC advertising. Paid media is an essential component of digital marketing.

Utilizing spend can ultimately go a long way toward generating leads and increasing online traction.  However, without strategy and experience it can also turn into a fruitless endeavor.  It’s important to come up with a strategy for targeted spend, and establish KPIs to track campaign progress as well.


Whether you’re looking to sell online for the first time, or revamp your existing store for a better retail experience, we have the solution for you. Every eCommerce website is tailored around your unique business needs and is built in a secure and scalable open source environment.
Do you have products customers regularly need? A great way of increasing your sales is setting it on autopilot. Integrating subscription-based products that are managed through your store will let customers place recurring orders without any additional steps.
Getting your store up and running is only the first step. As you build your traffic, looking at how you optimize the experience for your customer is essential to growing your overall revenue. Everything from minor design adjustments to entirely new features can be added to increase ROI.
Managing your eCommerce experience can be intimidating. Integrating it with your POS, ERP, shipping/fulfillment software or marketing platforms can cut down a great deal of the manual labor and let you spend more time growing your business.

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