IMS Complete Venue

A Completely Integrated Systems Solution

Deeply Integrated Systems

Cross-System Fan Engagement Opportunities

Create Incremental Revenue and Margin Dollars

Gain Real-time Enterprise Cross System Intelligence and Insights

IMS Complete Venue

Unlike single point POS, Mobile, Rewards or Business Intelligence applications, all IMS systems are integrated and unified. This enables delivery of an unrivaled customer experience, one including mobile, ticket bundling, reward and engagement across systems, F&B and Retail POS, and easy to use business intelligence to access to all the data and insights these systems provide. No one else can offer anything close to what the IMS Complete Venue can. Mobile, best-of-breed systems, system integration, rewards and enterprise-wide insights now delivered out-of-the-box!

Ideal For:

Sports Teams and Leagues

Theatre and Entertainment Venues

Cultural Institutions

Theme and Water parks

Why the IMS Complete Venue is the Best Venue Solution on the Market

Business line software requires additional integrations from each system to enable a seamless fan mobile-physical journey, as well as ticket bundling and rewards system capabilities, and data warehouse/ BI tool use.

This increases cost and complexity, creating additional barriers and profit margin loss.  Combining these different integrations into one, cohesive model allows for maximum returns and a completely streamlined integration platform.

  1. Ticketing system <-integrate
  2. Mobile payments and ordering application <-integrate
  3. Retail pos system <-integrate
  4. F&B system <-integrate
  5. Rewards system <-integrate
  6. Data warehouse <-integrate
  7. BI tool <-integrate

Retail Merchandise Operations: Retail Pro POS

With a fully Customizable UI, Secure payment methods/ data encryption, and multiple APIs available for localizations, customizations and integration efforts, Retail Pro POS delivers on every front. React instantly to implement adjustments based on consumer activity, and gain immediate access to the precise data you need to improve universal decision making.  Retail Pro POS provides:

  • Full inventory management capabilities
  • Integrated e-commerce capabilities
  • Scalability for any sized organization
  • P2PE options

eMobile POS

Built in native iOS / Android technology, allowing complete customization, promotional flexibility, and reporting for real-time decision making and customer engagement, eMobile POS is the most versatile, portable and powerful F&B solution on the market.

eMobile POS comes with: 

  • Full food/menu costing and inventory capabilities
  • Receipt sharing
  • Full menu modifiers
  • Table-side ordering/payment
  • Ability to place orders on hold
  • Location inventory tracking
  • Warehouse-to-location and location-to-location transfers
  • Seating allocations
  • P2PE options

Tupyx Mobile Application

With the explosive demand for contactless and mobile payments due to global safety concerns as well as accelerating digital technologies, the eMobilePOS Tupyx mobile application is a core system in the IMS Complete Venue.

Tupyx offers the following robust capabilities:

  • Mobile ordering​
  • Mobile wallet with mobile pay at POS​
  • Multi wallet payment types, e.g., tickets, credit cards​
  • Accepts STADIS rewards
  • Robust video campaign and communication management
  • Can accommodate the setup and management of multiple stores​
  • Stores by stand/location
  • Team store​
  • Geo-fencing​
  • Order routing​
  • Pick up or delivery​
  • Scan and build shopping cart ​and pay through mobile wallet
  • Can be embedded in teams

STADIS Intelligence

With STADIS iNTELLIGENCE, the collection, analysis and storage of critical business analytics is simple, effective and efficient.  Utilize our backend operation management systems to seamlessly integrate powerful, lightning-fast processing tying your businesses’ enterprise data together.

  • Integrated with multiple ticketing systems
  • Full Data Warehouse capabilities
  • Real-time data feeds from Ticketing, Retail Pro, eMobile POS, Tupyx
  • All STADIS and Non-STADIS tenders (cash/credit card receipts)
  • Real-time Enterprise data visibility, dashboards and reporting
  • Full customer information
  • Full Receipt/transaction information
  • Visualize data to speed understanding and impact
  • Benchmark customers and transaction size
  • Know which promotions and rewards drive more action
  • Identify sales by location and time
  • Get alerts and notifications for any deviation
  • Dashboards and analysis delivered via email
  • Create new dashboards and analysis on the fly

And access STADIS iNTELLIGENCE on any device, from anywhere!

data prism real-time

STADIS Ticket Bundling & Rewards

Ticket bundling is THE go-to-market strategy that can help you:

  • Sell more tickets
  • Introduce new fans to your team or venue
  • Profitably encourage fans and guests to spend more money
  • Drive new, incremental revenue and margin
  • Create the link connecting fans with their purchase activities

STADIS Ticket Bundling & Rewards has the most unique rewards capabilities, allowing you to create the most relevant ticket bundle for any fan or guest. Use the following reward types to create the bundles that drive action:

• Specific item or combinations of specific items
• Dollar or percent off items

• Digital coupons

• System specific

• Department & class

• Threshold

• Fixed price

Why IMS?

The IMS Complete Venue is the only solution seamlessly connecting all in and out of venue systems, empowering you to drive unheard of levels of new, incremental revenue by profitably engaging with fans when they’re at your event and when they’re not.

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