Retail Pro Planning & Forecasting

Optimize your Inventory

Convert Inventory to Cash Faster

Reduce inventory on Hand While Reducing Out-of-Stocks

Manage Markdowns More Strategically with Better Insights

Improve Margins with a Better Product Mix

Take Control of Your Product

Retail Pro Planning helps you profitably manage your inventory to generate more cash and profits.

Ideal For:

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Retailers with High on Hand Inventory

Retailers with High Mark Downs

Retailers with Slow Inventory Turns

Retailers High out of Stocks

What Retail Pro Planning Does

Empowers you to manage your inventory planning, buying, markdowns, item selection and promotions more profitably.

And you won’t have to go alone. You’ll have access to a dedicated planning manager to work with you side by side as you learn new ways to profitable manage inventory

You’ll get access to software and services to improve

  • Sales Forecasting
  • Inventory Planning
  • Pricing
  • Markdowns
  • New item selection
  • Evaluate Levels to Make Improvements
  • Easy to Use Dashboards
  • Easy to Understand Trends Reports

Significant Business Results

Sales increase of 18%

  • Turn improvement of 16.30% after year 1, 68.10% after year 2
  • GMROI improvement 25.83% after year 1, 83.12% after year 2
  • Substantial ROI increase, frequently ranging from 5 to 12.9 dollars for every dollar spent

Why IMS?

IMS continues to support you with technologies and services to increase productivity and empower you to manage your most expensive and cash intensive investment more wisely – your inventory.

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