Unify Efforts

Customer Analytics

Efficient integration methods allow us to extract information easily from multiple sources and compare them in a unified view.

Integrate Data from Multiple Sources

STADIS can integrate data from one application to many other applications bi-directionally. 

ESB Provides Scalability

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) architecture principles enable us to write a single STADIS “application connector” that can facilitate integration from one application to multiple

ETL Process

Easily extract data from multiple sources, transform it into the proper query, and load it into a data warehouse.

Enterprise Service Bus

STADIS Integrate is our “Integration & Enabling Technology” that is based on Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) or Integration Broker architecture principles.  These principles enable us to write a single STADIS “application connector” that facilitates the integration from one application or data source to multiple.

ESB provides loose coupling of services, allows services to be reconstituted into entirely different application contexts than when they were first developed, and promotes reuse of applications without the need to recode.

Common capabilities include data transformation and mapping, message and event queuing and sequencing, security or exception handling, and protocol conversion.

Integration Brokering

An Integration Broker facilitates point-to-point interactions between applications. They are designed to communicate program to program; they integrate previously independent applications or services at the application layer of software design.

Typically, data flows through a central IB, which is designed to provide data transformation and transport services between the sending and receiving application. IB’s simplify integration by connecting systems with different data formats and data transfer methods.

More complex integration use cases that involve flows between multiple applications, content-based routing, conditional logic between steps or more formal message distribution services are out of scope for Integration Brokers.  Not for STADIS.


Why IMS?

IMS created STADIS. So, we know the in’s, outs, ups and downs of this solution. We also have a deep understanding for POS, CRM and typical loyalty system architectures. Our custom technology allows vendors to merge separate data sources easily and handle complex integrations that typical Integration Brokers will not touch. Our team provides seamless, unified integrations, and places an emphasis on customer support and custom solutions. Reach out today to talk about STADIS Integrate.

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