Retail Pro Prism

Omni-Channel Business Management

Inventory Management

Track item-level inventory and implement live price changes.

Product Performance

Track sales metrics and return on investment for different products.

Custom Plugins

Location-specific API’s and custom plug-ins for branding, shortcuts, and unified controls.

Automated Reporting

Create and optimize automatic, trigger-based reports.

Implement Real-time Strategy

Retail Pro Prism is lightweight and versatile. Multiple APIs are available for localizations, customizations and integration efforts, while a singular, unified view allows management over critical areas of your business.

Prism Real-Time Analytics

Ideal For:

Retail Locations

Utilize Prism across traditional POS, mobile POS, and e-commerce channels.

Chain Stores

Seamlessly track inventory and adjust pricing in real time across any store.

Existing Retail Pro Users

Integrate Retail Pro Decisions or Dashboards.

Trade Shows & Events

Seasonal or event-based metrics to predict and scale efforts or focus marketing campaigns.

Real-Time Updates

Access live data from any device to make uniform decisions in real time. Easily communicate information between departments quickly and efficiently.

Benchmark location, vendor, or even kiosk performance and adjust efforts in real time to maximize returns. Analyze data to hyper-focus and adjust marketing efforts.

Optimize markdown timing and amount based on consumer trends, past performances, and remaining inventory.

Establish location specific tracking and automated reports to compare seasonal inventory and sales patterns. Implement area-specific change to capitalize on cyclical consumer behavior.

Consistent Branding Across all Devices

Implement brand colors, logo changes, custom images and content for complete control over brand unity, information delivery, and UX across any form factor.

Decide which modules are deployed across your environments:

  • Reap full benefits of consistent UX across platforms
  • Faster and easier to train new staff
  • Workflows optimized for our specific use needs
  • Full functionality where and when you need it.

Universal interface makes training easier and day-to-day operations consistent and accessible. 

Unprecedented Security

Secure, fast and efficient messaging streams for operational transparency and efficiency.

Tested, industry-leading encryption methods ensure scalability and backend protection against malware. Secure data, communication and payment processing protect both customer and vendor information. This ensures operational backends are protected, no matter how busy it gets.

Custom User Interface

Customize logos, colors and style to seamlessly match branding. Upload custom images and assets for easy access and simple communication.

Prism integrates seamlessly with other systems, allowing for smooth, efficient implementation.

Multiple Plugins

Implement custom keyboard shortcuts for quick inventory, customer or data access, saving valuable time at the register or on the floor.

Rest APIs allow for custom applications to integrate seamlessly across multiple devices and screen sizes.

A customized user interface and UX allow for total control over branding and content presentation.

Integrations for non-user interactions and sustained, secure messaging channels.

Server-level integrations for individual, custom reports, benchmarks, alerts and views.

Why IMS?

IMS has a detailed and successful history helping businesses leverage Prism to create value. Multiple API’s and plugins allow full integration and customization, while our team works to provide you with a unique strategy on how to best optimize Prism to scale seamlessly into your model. Reach out today and let’s talk about how we can optimize Prism for your business.

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