eMobile POS

An Innovative, Portable Food & Beverage POS Solution

Fully Integrated

Fully integrated to run on the innovative PAX e700 and PAX A920 hardware, featuring contactless e-signature capture and lightning fast credit card processing speeds.

Offline Store & Forward Mode

Unique offline mode allows you to ring credit cards without external power. Optional 'Store and Forward’ capabilities allow your device to store payment information and forward it to be processed once connection is re-established.

Live Menu Changes

Utilize live consumer metrics to implement price changes and menu re-arrangements

Powerful and Portable

Set up or break down pop-up locations with ease, and accept mobile orders to keep lines moving.

A Unique Food & Beverage Solution

Today’s hospitality environment demands speed, flexibility, and real-time adjustments. eMobile POS food and beverage (F&B) solution is built in native iOS & Android, allowing complete customization.  The solution itself offers promotional flexibility, as well as live data reporting and analysis for real-time decision making. It also allows for mobile orders, fast payment processing, e-signature capture, and live menu adjustments.

Ideal For:

Food & Beverage

Take orders before your customers are seated, allow table-side payments, and completely manage inventory.


Loyalty and promotions functionality create customized marketing and communication, while offline mode is ideal for Pop-up Stores where wifi isn’t possible.


Pop-up kiosks accepting mobile orders generate buzz, sales, and customer convenience.

Hospitality & Concessions

Today’s hospitality environment demands speed, flexibility, and uptime. eMobilePOS delivers.

PAX A920 & E700 Capabilities

  • Dual cameras, 1D & 2D Code Scanning for bar codes and identifiers.
  • Complete with 4G / 3G / 2G / WiFi / Bluetooth capabilities for efficiency in the field.
  • Ideal for e-commerce

Large pixel touch screens allow for supported electronic signature capture and beautiful, sleek user portals.  Image, video, document and presentation support capabilities  ensure seamless presentation and quick updates.

  • Robust encryption methods and digital reconciliation provide vendors with ease of mind.

An Innovative Food and Beverage Platform

Mobile ordering, order-out, in-seat service, and kiosks have made the F&B industry more diverse than ever. eMobile POS deploys elegantly simple and innovative technology that encourages scalability and expansion on mobile and kiosk.

eMobile POS’ unique offline mode leverages ‘store and forward’ capabilities to ring sales and forward information for processing once connections are established. 

Live menu additions, deletions, or price changes. Respond immediately to customer flow or on-hand inventory through real-time reporting and tablet transportability. 

Integrates seamlessly with Retail Pro to extend retail operations and engagement, as well as can act as a standalone retail POS systems for smaller retailers

Fully Integrated on your Pax A920 and e700

The PAX A920 has a wide range of advanced options, including NFC contactless payment capabilities, EMV with electronic signature capture, and lightning fast processing speeds to keep lines moving.

The expansive, powerful memory options ensure quick, easy accessibility, even in offline mode.  This is crucial for live vendors and business managers that are on the move throughout a venue and exposed to inconsistent network environments.

Integrated Payment options:

• Reduce time spent on redundant data entry

• Eliminate cashier and reconciliation errors

• Minimize cashier fraud 

• Come complete with digital reconciliation.

Robust Customization Options

  • Concessions
  • Quick Serve
  • Multi-Meal
  • Self-Ordering
  • DIne-in

Driven by business requirements, not system limitations, eMobile offers numerous interface options, including:

• Full Access Web services API
• Customizable Plug-ins
• Direct Database connection
• Import/Export of CSV,XML files
• TCP/IP connection


Maximum data security, shrink control, system speed and dependability make eMobile POS a unique, highly secure F&B solution.

eMobile POS integrates with STADIS©, as well as numerous ERP, back of house systems including Quickbooks, Retail Pro, Microsoft Dynamics AX, SAP, and Oracle.

Case Study- Red Mango

Why IMS?

IMS takes a unique, custom approach to every F&B client we work with. eMobile POS’ unique abilities to create a truly contactless transaction allows businesses to scale quickly and keep orders moving. The eMobile POS suite is designed to keep your restaurant or F&B business running efficiently and effectively, while also expanding upon accepted payment methods. Reach out today, and let’s talk about how we can bring value to your business.

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