Priority Omnichannel Retail Management System

Meet your mid to large-scale operational needs with an all-in-one retail management system (RMS) from Priority. Keep your chain’s operations on track and seamlessly serve your customers, all within a single platform.

Omnichannel Retail Management Software & ERP

Unify retail operations in one platform with Priority’s retail Head Office module, provided by the retail technology experts at IMS. This platform allows retailers to streamline, manage, and control business tasks for multiple locations from a centralized interface. Gain real-time insights, enhance decision-making, and drive operational excellence with intelligent tools for growth and improved customer experience.

Retailers can enjoy key capabilities, such as:

Advanced Modules Available

Priority’s platform includes base versions of the following modules, but businesses can also upgrade to advanced versions.

Engage customers with elevated rewards for loyalty and motivate spending.

Simplify issuing and managing gift cards, and get advanced control over gift card types and usage.

Get basic recommendations for replenishment based on item number, or use custom parameters for advanced recommendations.

Cloud-Based Operation

Reduce your IT expenditures with Priority’s cloud-based retail management system software. This SaaS offering includes all the cloud-based features you need for ease of use, including security options, updates, cloud servers, and data backup and compliances.

Mobile Capabilities

The Mobile POS and back office capabilities on Priority’s software support mobile opportunities, like pop-up stores and trade shows. This provides more options to increase revenue for your brand.

Offline Solution

Priority’s retail management software includes a backup to maintain synchronization between Point of Sale (POS) systems and the Head Office when the system goes offline. Priority Retail ERP uses a Sync engine to store the data, even when the system is offline. When the system returns online, the data sync will complete to keep each system up-to-date.

Why Choose Our Retail Management System?

IMS is partnering with Priority to provide the following benefits to our customers:

Streamline Retail Management in the Following Segments

IMS is here to help businesses in the following segments and more streamline their retail management with Priority Retail ERP.

Upgrade Your Retail Management With Priority Software from IMS

IMS is your partner for streamlined retail management software and ERP solutions. Contact us today to learn more about how our Priority Software offering can improve your retail operations.

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