Retail Pro Decisions

Your System’s Most Valuable Output Is Data – IMS will help You Use It

Your ability to maximize profit in today’s ultra-competitive retail marketplace hinges
on your ability to measure, analyze, and act on performance data for every inventory item, resource,
and channel.

Retail Pro Decisions takes you from observation to action faster than any other tool on the market

• Visualize data to speed understanding and impact
• Benchmark stores and salespeople
• Know which products sell more in each store
• Understand Vendor impact and margin
• Get alerts and notifications for any deviation
• Dashboards and analysis delivered via email
• Create new dashboards and analysis on the fly with natural language

Solve Everyday Business Challenges

BENCHMARKING – Benchmark location performance to determine where to focus your efforts
DISCOUNT MANAGMENT – Optimize markdown timing and amount to maximize profit and inventory turn
SEASONAL OR EVENT INSIGHTS – Use seasonal inventory and sales patterns to predict and act on growth opportunities

Multi-Channel Data, Multi-System Data – No Problem!

Retail Pro Decision powered by Targit BI can merge varied and disparate data sources into one unified view of your business. Retail sales, inventory, F&B sales, e-commerce sales, ERP, you name it!

With stores and systems in multiple locations across the region or globe, you need flexible analytics software that will allow you to empower each store or territory manager to act on local factors when planning strategically.

Managers can take advantage of Retail Pro Decisions to uncover patterns in their locations’ sales, inventory, and margins – and take steps to optimize their processes and operations. Analyze and compare to tease out strengths and signals to drive faster decisions and value.

One unified view to manage critical areas of your business, such as:

• Inventory
• Profit margins
• Product performance
• Points of Sale
• Financials
• Benchmarking
• Locations
• Systems
• Sales People

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You Can Have Everyone on the Same Page

Your business is rich with data, and you can use it to support every facet of your business, from sales to marketing to HR and back again.

Everything comes down to which questions are asked, and every department in your business will have different questions they want answered in order to perform better. With Retail Pro Decisions, there’s no reason to limit your decision-making - ask away and get immediate answers!

Retail Pro Decisions gives your decision makers access to the data that is most relevant to them and gives your business the power of insight.