eMobile POS

A Food & Beverage (F&B) Point of Sale (POS) Solution Built For Your Requirements, Not Ours

Today’s hospitality environment demands speed, flexibility, and uptime. Customer engagement, interaction, and service mandate system requirements that are independent and user friendly. International Micro’s POS offering, eMobile POS food and beverage (F&B) solution, is built in native iOS, Android or Windows technology language, allowing complete customization, promotional flexibility, and reporting for real-time decision making and customer engagement.

Enhance The Experience

Your Customers Demand More. eMobile POS Delivers

The channel may vary – stadium environment, large scale entertainment destination, or international quick serve restaurant chain – but customer demands remain constant. Individualization, customization, and right-now responsiveness are the new normal.

eMobile POS delivers with multiple formats including:

• Concessions
• Quick Serve
• Multi-Meal
• Self-Ordering

eMobile POS food and beverage (F&B) point of sale (POS) solution allows the ability to make real-time menu additions, deletions, or price changes. Respond immediately to customer flow or on-hand inventory through real-time reporting and tablet transportability. No need to wait for your IT department to move or set-up terminals. As a native tablet based application, agility and activation are split second. Operational staff can set up or break down temporary or pop-up locations with ease. Enhance the customer experience through easy meal selection and pre-ordering.

With EMobile’s offline capabilities, unlike other Cloud-SaaS based solutions, you have ultimate flexibility as to when and where you want to do business. Kiosks and self-ordering allow for operational efficiency and a better customer experience. eMobile’s native UI adapts naturally to multiple form factors, giving your staff the flexibility to engage and capture any upsell opportunities.

Promotional Flexibility and Targeting For One-to-One Engagement

eMobile POS offers Loyalty and promotions functionality for customized marketing and communication. These robust functions, in addition to eMobile’s flexible technology, allows Marketing to respond or create real-time, in event promotions and price changes for the entire organization, or for just one terminal.

A Technology Platform for Today and Tomorrow

An F&B System Built For Speed, Operational Performance, and Customization

Mobile, tablets, in-seat service, and kiosks. Channels are more numerous and complex than ever. But your technology platform need not add to that complexity. eMobile POS deploys an elegantly simple and innovative technology that encourages scalability and integration to numerous, disparate systems.

eMobile POS is developed in native iOS, Android and Windows allowing maximum operating system as well as hardware flexibility. As a Cloud based solution, onsite server hardware and operations support requirements are eliminated.

eMobile POS also utilizes a unique offline mode that is ideally suited for the high-volume, high work station environments where possible downtime or networking issues can be disastrous. Maximum data security, shrink control, system speed and dependability are just a few of the benefits that eMobile POS unique technology provides.

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Built with Integration in Mind

One of the primary reasons IMS supports eMobile POS is the like-minded approach to selecting best-of-breed technologies and solutions driven by business requirements, not system limitation. To that end, eMobile offers numerous interface options including:

• Full Access Web services API
• Customizable Plug-ins
• Direct Database connection
• Import/Export of CSV,XML files
• TCP/IP connection
• And more…

eMobile POS integrates with STADIS©, the sports, leisure and entertainment industry’s leading data integration and engagement platform as well as numerous ERP back of house systems including Quickbooks, Retail Pro, Microsoft Dynamics AX, SAP, Oracle and others.

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