Software Support

Keeping You At Peak Performance

In an ideal world, software support would not be necessary. But when software and systems are put under extreme day-to-day stress, and when different individuals manage the same software differently, expert systems support is sometimes needed.

At IMS, we pride ourselves on helping our customers keep their businesses running at peak performance. We staff our own certified technicians, and are available when your business needs us most. Our reputation has been built on doing what we say and standing behind what we sell and service. We have a large number of sports, leisure and entertainment customers, where normal business hours are anything but normal.


More than Software Support

Many IMS customers need more than just software support. For those cases, IMS offers complete IT support outsourcing, handling all IT systems’ needs to keep your business running. Services include:
i-Manage remote systems monitoring and access

• Software assurance and support
• Network support
• Hardware support
• General IT maintenance and updates

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