Foundry Logic

High function and easy to use

Any retailer worth their salt knows that managing physical inventory is where the rubber hits the road. That’s when you know where your cash is – or isn’t. Foundry Logic makes it easy to take full inventories or cycle counts as frequently as needed. Focus on key areas of concern, and get real visibility when you need it.

  • Integrates seamlessly Retail Pro
  • Handheld scanning enables speed and accuracy to easily scan inventory
  • Work offline with multiple scanner sessions at the same time
  • Search and display inventory item information
  • Imports scans into any Retail Pro Ⓡ 8 or 9 Inventory transaction
  • Inventory Features

Foundry Logic Physical Inventory

Physical Inventory functionality supports both open and blind counting methods. Multiple Physical Inventory sessions can be saved at the same time on the mobile device. Sessions may be synchronized to Retail Pro as desired.

Receiving & Transfers

Receiving and Transfers don’t get any easier. With a few scans, received items can be loaded on the mobile device at the receiving station and then imported into Retail Pro.

Similar to Physical Inventory, multiple Receiving and Transfer sessions can be saved on the mobile device and then synchronized to the main system when you are ready. Every session is time-stamped so that entries are fully auditable.

Inventory Checking & Label Printing

Check inventory status and validate labels. Retrieve and display on the screen with one scan of a SKU, UPC, or ALU. Print labels to mobile Bluetooth printers with Windows Mobile devices.

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