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Create Efficiency and Scalability for Your Business

At ½ the price of Amazon Webservices! myIMScloud hosting allows you to leverage the experience and knowledge of IMS by transferring your Retail Pro software application workloads from onsite servers and workstations to resources in the Cloud. Transfer software operation, management, updates, support, reliably from your onsite resources to the Cloud. Manage and scale resource loads easily, since the myIMScloud has access to unlimited resources to power the most resource heavy applications.


IMS can spin up a server in minutes. Moreover, we have the process and resources to transfer applications and workloads to our Cloud in no time.


Pay for the resources you need. Focus resources on strategic initiatives vs. paying for and managing power, cooling, maintenance, updates, patch management, etc.


Cloud servers scale with incredible speed. You can easily expand or reduce resources to ensure that the capacity keeps up with demand without wasting money on unnecessary resources. Adding new capacity or upgrading current offerings is easy — no complicated architecture required.


Robust security features, antivirus and redundant backup keeps your content safe. Uptime is documented and reliable.

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