A Systems Approach

IMS believes that the real success to any technology investment is based on a complete Systems approach to implementation and utilization. That approach is grounded in the integration of the 5Ps.



Addressing the Lifecycle of Your Customer Relationships

IMS knows that technology investment and implementation success must take a complete view of your customer’s journey and your relationship with your customers. Our planning services range from marketing, brand management and promotional planning to technology planning to data capture, analysis and utilization. Our Services section provides more detail on all our planning services.


Best-In-Breed Flexibility

From our Point of Sale Solutions including Retail Pro® and eMobile POS to our in house developed products including STADIS© and our Biometrics Software, IMS seeks to recommend the right product to meet your Vision, needs and requirements. Let your requirements drive your product choice, not the other way around.


Follow The Process For Continuous Improvement.

All too often, we see choices made without full consideration for all the players and situations your software need to address. IMS believes that by following a defined, proven process, the selected solution has the greatest opportunity for success. IMS has developed several processes and sub-processes to help assure system success.

Contact IMS for a more detailed review of our complete process approach.


People Make Software Work

Software works when people use it to its fullest potential. IMS works closely with you to craft the right training curriculum to make sure your team hits the ground running. IMS deploys a combination of classroom, hands on, and role play training to make sure your people know more than just the basics.


Two-Way Communication for Positive Action

For us, promotion means external and internal communication. For people to take the action desired, they need to be aware and understand what’s being asked of them. And they need to be able to communicate right back. When the communication channel is a two-way street, action moves smoothly and with speed.