Open Architecture

Agile Software, Retail Pro Has It

The hallmark of Retail Pro is its ability to provide any type of retailer, through any type of channel, with the agile software architecture to meet store-by-store, or even terminal-by-terminal needs. Do kiosks fit your business model? How about Smartphones or Tablets? Do your E-commerce and F-commerce capabilities play well together? Retail Pro’s dynamic APIs, Application plug-ins and integrations, including integration to STADIS©, enable feature and function customization required for today’s demanding environments.
Today’s huge data and customization needs require architecture that’s up to the task – while still maintaining stability, speed and scalability. Retail Pro’s new retail management system – Prism™ – deploys thin-client architecture, enabling easy integration and lower demands on hardware and infrastructure.
And don’t worry about operational performance. Staff have the ability to start and end the day smoothly, and easily access both structured data, such as transactions, prices, and inventory, and unstructured data, such as reports, documents, and other communications – right on the POS screen.

EMV. Are You Ready?

Europay, Mastercard and Visa. How about Chip and Pin? The term EMV describes the interoperability between a new type of payment card technology and the payment terminals needed to process its use. Driven by the major credit card companies desire to control card fraud, new liability standards are due to take effect in 2015. This new type of payment card effectively describes chip-enabled credit & debit cards, or “smart cards” embedded with microchips capable of interacting with point-of-sale or ATM devices in a contact-based or contactless format.
IMS knows that intimate customer relationships are built on confidentiality and trust. That’s why we’re working closely with MerchantWarehouse and their Genius Engagement Platform that enables multiple types of mobile and card based payments, all while removing Retail Pro from PCI compliance risk.