Hardware & Data Storage

Products That Can Take the Heat

Today’s software and integration requirements demand hardware & storage that can perform – under the most demanding circumstances. IMS utilizes hardware and components that bring out the best in our world-class software. And IMS develops solutions driven by business requirements, not price points, so we utilize a number of partners that can meet specific needs including:

  • High end POS and servers including IBM, Toshiba and Panasonic
  • Mid-priced component POS
  • An all-in-one lower priced alternative
  • Tablets
  • Peripherals including Star Micronics


The New World of Data Storage

Cloud computing has issued in a new world for data storage and access. IMS works with our customers to understand your business requirements and we recommend the right solution to fit the need. If your need is speed and access to real-time data is essential, an on-site server is probably best. Gearing up for post-event analysis and number crunching? A cloud-based hosted service may be best.

Are You Looking At Total Cost of Ownership?

IMS believes that Total Cost of Ownership is a value metric that should be considered for all investments. We seek to find the right balance between initial hardware and software costs and ongoing costs. Transparency is critical to understanding TCO. Only by evaluating investments under these circumstances can you truly know how much your purchase will cost.