Identify Customers

Not Just For Loaded Tickets or Stored Value Tickets

Let’s clear this up right now. STADIS© is far more than just loaded tickets or stored value tickets. First, STADIS© enables you to identify the fan in any number of ways, through any type of scannable identifier:

  • Bar code items (e.g., Tickets, Coupons, Mobile Smartphone)
  • Magnetic Stripe items (e.g., Gift Cards, VIP Cards, Season Ticket Holder Cards, Employee Meal Cards, Loyalty Cards)
  • RFID chips (e.g., RFID card, RFID wrist band, RFID chip embedded in Team Jersey, etc.)

Second, STADIS© captures unrivaled fan specific data insight, detailed every item that they purchased.
Third, STADIS© enables new levels of promotion and fan engagement through Advanced Promotions
And we’re in beta testing how Biometrics can be used in SLE.