Advanced Promotions

Engage Fans and Partners Like Never Before

STADIS© lets the fan, team, concessionaire, sponsor, or loyalty system add hard-dollar and item level value onto any fan ID. Mix and match, use one or all. Leverage the open flexibility of STADIS© for new and more personal fan engagement.
STADIS© Advanced Promotions Suite, launching for the 2013 baseball season, will provide you with even more promotional flexibility and opportunity to drive ROI and track fans through every step of their journey. Engage fans through:

  • Item, location, and time based promotions that can be added in addition to traditional hard-dollar value.
  • Trigger-based promotions. Often triggered by achieving some level of activity. Rewards tracking and breakpoints.
  • Account, customer or ticket based promotions. Create use it or lose it, account based or mixed mode access to funds.

Advanced Promotions will be the perfect addition for more profitable management of your Suites and All-Access areas or tickets. You now can:

  • Specify and add hard-dollar or item specific value
  • Track fan activity – in real-time
  • Understand specific spending habits

Advanced Promotions provide a previously unavailable level of visibility, insight and intelligence for more profitable decision making and pricing.