Accountable ROI & Pricing

We Over Promise and Over Deliver

When we say “Accountable ROI”, we mean we will be held accountable for generating ROI for you. We’re talking about hard-dollar ROI that can be measured from day 1.
How can we do this? First, we have the data to guide us. Second, we have the process to direct us. Third, we have the planning tools to make our data actionable.
Why would we do this? Our goal is to make you successful. We want our products and services to be the envy of our competitors, and be loved by our customers. Our Vision is to democratize data and transform it into actionable intelligence and new revenue for SLE.
How does this benefit you? International Micro Systems (IMS) is so confident in our ability to generate hard dollar ROI that we’ll stake our pay on it. Contact Us for details.


Pricing Flexibility to Enhance ROI.

IMS recognizes that each customer has different business, ROI, and cash flow considerations when making a large capital investment. That’s why we developed different pricing options to help maximize your investment in STADIS©, and its subscriptions:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) based Subscription pricing
  • Numerous Stored Value annd Item Level Promotions Subscriptions
  • Annual payment (One fixed payment per year) or Monthly payment options
  • Revenue Sharing (Small upfront – Variable payments, potentially highest TCO-guaranteed ROI)

Contact Us to discuss which option best meets your objectives and needs.