Integration Solutions

Integrating With Best-of-Breed for Systems Success

IMS believes business requirements, not technological limitations nor short term cost considerations, should drive your integration solutions. If you’re choosing the best of breed point of sale (POS) system to meet your Vision, shouldn’t you utilize the same systems integration approach to leverage and maximize your investments?
Integration due-diligence usually boils down to two age old questions “buy vs. build” and “single vendor vs. best-of-breed”. IMS offers a solutions approach through our in-house developed world-class value-add, systems and data integration platform STADIS©, through our utilization of third-party application plug-ins and integrations, and through our custom development expertise. Additionally, IMS supports the point of view that systems support requires vertical expertise, supported by relevant cross-systems training. We believe a one-size fits all approach usually leads to the kind of mediocre performance that puts companies out of business.