What Is Biometrics?

Secure Identification

For IMS, Biometrics defines an automated method of recognizing an individual based on measurable biological characteristics. While there are many biometric modalities, IMS software utilizes fingerprint recognition technology. Unlike the law enforcement fingerprint approach which uses all ten fingers, we utilize a commercial approach which generally uses one finger for verification purposes to confirm identity with a fingerprint on file. This process is automated and usually takes less than a second.
The hardware needed requires some sort of fingerprint sensor – optical, capacitive, ultrasound and thermal – used for collecting the digital image of the fingerprint. Our sensing technology is focused on multi-spectral imaging, which provides a sub-surface view of the fingerprint at and below the surface of the skin, resulting in a higher quality image with less matching error. Multi-spectral scanning is ideal for real world application and secure identification, where moisture, unusual topical oils or containments, various surfaces and situations can cause false readings.