Business Intelligence (BI)

From Data To Knowledge

IMS’s systems deliver the ability to make faster, better, more informed decisions. IMS believes the foundation for better decision making is enabling the transition from data to knowledge and knowledge to the “Unfair Advantage”. We believe that this “democratization of data” will liberate the raw, yet valuable data that has been locked away deep in organizational silos, inaccessible to the people who need it. With data now freed, transformation can begin through analysis and knowledge sharing. IMS believes that by providing people with the insight and intelligence they need, when they need it, business can change in a significant way.


STADIS Segmented Sales By Customer


IMS provides the full life-cycle of business intelligence (BI) services from data integration, through data analysis and recommendation including:

  • Application and custom integration
  • Utilization of on-site or cloud-based proprietary, system, or third party BI tools such as:
    • Retail Pro® BI powered by Oracle
    • Flex Query
    • IBM BI (Cognos)
    • MS Reporting Suite
  • Master Data Repository attribute development and mapping
  • Development of KPIs and distribution of reports
  • Complete analytics and BI services provided