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From the moment IMS developed STADIS© in 2004 for the Philadelphia Phillies – the first in Sports, Leisure and Entertainment (SLE) – we saw the future of data intelligence for SLE. For IMS, Big Data refers to the complexity of gathering and analyzing data as well as the size and volume of data. For SLE, IMS believes the time is now to democratize data and engage with fans, sponsors and concessionaires in more personal, meaningful and relevant ways.

STADIS© separates itself from the competition through its ability to add value AND generate real-time fan-specific, item-level transaction data. By making this data accessible and usable for those who need it, STADIS© helps give you the “unfair advantage.”

Venue Integration Architecture™ (VIA)

At the heart of STADIS©, the Stadium and Arena Data Integration Service, is its Venue Integration Architecture™ (VIA). This is an open systems and data base approach with integrations to numerous point of sale (POS) and ticketing systems used throughout a venue. The VIA provides:

• Speed to implementation
• Flexibility for you to choose or change POS systems based on your business requirements
• Ongoing integration to new technologies

Developed in .Net Framework, and utilizing Web Services and an Application Programming Interface (API) allowing easy integration and expansion, IMS believes you should select the best-of-breed POS system to meet your business requirements, and then select the integration platform that maximizes that investment. Don’t let an integration platform drive your decision based on its limited integration capabilities.

POV – Why You Need An In-Venue Engagement Platform

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Identify Customers

Not Just For Loaded Tickets or Stored Value Tickets

Let’s clear this up right now. STADIS© is far more than just loaded tickets or stored value tickets. First, STADIS© enables you to identify the fan in any number of ways, through any type of scannable identifier:

• Bar code items (e.g., Tickets, Coupons, Mobile Smartphone)
• Magnetic Stripe items (e.g., Gift Cards, VIP Cards, Season Ticket Holder Cards, Employee Meal Cards, Loyalty Cards)
• RFID chips (e.g., RFID card, RFID wrist band, RFID chip embedded in Team Jersey, etc.)

Second, STADIS© captures unrivaled fan specific data insight, detailed every item that they purchased.

Third, STADIS© enables new levels of promotion and fan engagement through Advanced Promotions

Advanced Promotions

Engage Fans and Partners Like Never Before

STADIS© lets the fan, team, concessionaire, sponsor, or loyalty system add hard-dollar and item level value onto any fan ID. Mix and match, use one or all. Leverage the open flexibility of STADIS© for new and more personal fan engagement.

STADIS© Advanced Promotions Suite, will provide you with even more promotional flexibility and opportunity to drive ROI and track fans through every step of their journey. Engage fans through:

• Item, location, and time based promotions that can be added in addition to traditional hard-dollar value.

• Trigger-based promotions. Often triggered by achieving some level of activity. Rewards tracking and breakpoints.

• Account, customer or ticket based promotions. Create use it or lose it, account based or mixed mode access to funds.

Advanced Promotions will be the perfect addition for more profitable management of your Suites and All-Access areas or tickets. You now can:

• Specify and add hard-dollar or item specific value

• Track fan activity – in real-time

• Understand specific spending habits

Advanced Promotions provide a previously unavailable level of visibility, insight and intelligence for more profitable decision making and pricing.

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Performance History & Track Record

Data Insight For Evidence Based Decision Making

IMS has undertaken a thorough analysis and review of recent customer transaction history, revealing some unique and powerful insights. IMS uses this track record and data insight for evidence based decision making, and as the basis for our ROI Guarantee. The most immediate financial benefits are derived from three sources:

1) Redeemed value

2) Uplift on that redeemed value (Event by Event Mixed League Uplift On Redeemed Value)
*chart to left

3) Unused value (Event by Event Mixed League Unused Value)
*chart to left

The following charts show historical results from over 1100 events and over 800,000 tickets. While individual results may vary, we are confident enough in these data points to stake our compensation on it.

Accountable ROI & Pricing

We Over Promise and Over Deliver

When we say “Accountable ROI”, we mean we will be held accountable for generating ROI for you. We’re talking about hard-dollar ROI that can be measured from day 1.

How can we do this? First, we have the data to guide us. Second, we have the process to direct us. Third, we have the planning tools to make our data actionable.

Why would we do this? Our goal is to make you successful. We want our products and services to be the envy of our competitors, and be loved by our customers. Our Vision is to democratize data and transform it into actionable intelligence and new revenue for SLE.

How does this benefit you? International Micro Systems (IMS) is so confident in our ability to generate hard dollar ROI that we’ll stake our pay on it. Contact Us for details.

Pricing Flexibility to Enhance ROI.

IMS recognizes that each customer has different business, ROI, and cash flow considerations when making a large capital investment. That’s why we developed different pricing options to help maximize your investment in STADIS©, and its subscriptions:

• Software as a Service (SaaS) based Subscription pricing
• Numerous Stored Value annd Item Level Promotions Subscriptions
• Annual payment (One fixed payment per year) or Monthly payment options
• Revenue Sharing (Small upfront – Variable payments, potentially highest TCO-guaranteed ROI)

Contact Us to discuss which option best meets your objectives and needs.

Actionable Customer Insights

The following is some sample analysis from one of our customers. Current integrated systems for this customer include, Micros, Retail Pro. STADIS© has integrations to many other systems, and its robust API allows for numerous more.

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Generating Real Time Data

Connecting Fans With What They Purchase, In Real Time

IMS believes no benefit is as valuable, yet as untapped, as the real time fan specific transaction data that STADIS© provides. As the world of Big Data explodes around us, IMS and STADIS© puts our SLE customers on the forefront of unrivaled insight and intelligence into what their fans are buying, at the item level, in real time. Imagine the customer service and engagement possibilities this real time data can provide! Imagine a world where marketing becomes measurable and accountable. Make decisions based on fact, not guesses. Allocate resources more efficiently and generate ROI more quickly due to higher confidence decision making.

IMS will work closely with you to uncover, analyze and utilize this data for the true “unfair advantage.”

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