Flex Query

More Ways to Bring Your Data to Life

IMS constantly seeks to bring unique and relevant value to our clients; Flex Query is one such value.  A great addition to the standard Retail Pro reports suite, Flex Query integrates seamlessly with Retail Pro. FlexQuery is an awesome query tool allowing the delivery of custom views of inventory data. IMS can help you make sense of and add meaning to your raw data through an extensive set of features.

FlexQuery’s core functionality includes grid layouts, pivots, charts, dynamic date ranges (e.g. today, yesterday), sorting, filtering, grouping, ranking, and more.

  • Display your data your way to gain more insight into your operations
  • Access your saved views with a single click
  • Group, Sort, Pivot, Chart, and Export your data

Robust Features Turn Data into Insight Quickly

  • OLAP (On Line Analytical Processing) like functionality

    Pivot Tables you have the ability to process, analyze and view data from many different viewpoints on screen instantly without having to generate multiple reports.

  • Multi-Dimensional Database

    A dimension is a slice of data. For example, FlexQuery can display values (dollars, units, percents, turn rate, etc.) by store, by vendor, by department – each of these is a data dimension. FlexQuery permits on-line analysis of an unlimited number of dimensions including store, region, day, month, quarter, year, vendor, department, class, style, size, color, season and many others.

  • Drill Down

    Instantly break out any data dimension into more detail. The dimensions you access when you “drill down” are user definable and displayed immediately.

  • Pivoting

    Easily switch the hierarchy of how you view data. For example, assume you are looking at the sales of each department from within a vendor or vendors. With a drag of your mouse, you can pivot to see the sales of every vendor from within a department or departments. The combinations are almost infinite.

  • Charting

    Show statistical data on graphs or export to Excel.

  • Data Export

    Export data in numerous formats, including XML, XLS/XLSX and PDF.

  • Powerful Search and Filtering Capabilities

    Filter data in a any number of different ways. Focus on important things and temporarily hide the unimportant. Ways to filter include:

    • Dropdown lists of unique values in every column
    • Quick Filter in each column (allows ‘containing” as well as ‘beginning with’ or ‘Ending with’ filters)
    • Simple 3 conditions filtering
    • Complex filter building

  • Ranking

    Ranking can be done instantly by any value.  Rank stores, vendors, departments, etc. by sales volume, turn rate, GMROI, profitability, days of supply or any other statistic. Rank and unrank instantly, best to worst or worst to best.

  • Support for single site or large, multi-site enterprises.

  • Manage access and creation of reports from head office.  For example, while a corporate office user can access enterprise-wide data for analysis, individual stores or branches can have varying, determined, limited access to specified data and reports.

  • Unique design and extensive feature set

    Allows for simple operation and data formatting in a manner that lowers the level of in-store skill required to operate the system.

  • Easy to deploy and maintain

    FlexQuery installs in a matter of minutes, and offers over 130 source queries plus default layouts that can be used out of the box. As FlexQuery accesses data from SQL databases in a read-only manner, FlexQuery requires no maintenance; its ability to deliver information from raw data is entirely dependent on the optimal functioning of the source database FlexQuery is communicating with.

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