Where Are My Actionable Customer Insights?

IMS’s STADIS© sets the standard for in-venue customer engagement and cross-system incremental revenue generation. Having invented the category back in 2004, IMS-STADIS© has many years and millions of tickets worth of data showing where and how incremental revenue is generated, along with unique customer insights for better decision making.   The following is some sample […]

Are You Ready For The Costs Of A Data Breach?

With the EMV live date of October 1, 2015 fast approaching, we thought it would be worth visiting just how much a potential data breach might cost the average small business.   The information is courtesy of First Data.   90% – The percentage of all breaches that impact small merchants according to Trustwave Research […]

POV – Why You Need An In-Venue Engagement Platform

As deeper and more relevant Fan-Customer Engagement becomes necessary to drive incremental revenue and affinity, many are looking to existing in-venue silo systems, or one-off, unproven tactics to help with those efforts.   IMS believes the only real way to create meaningful in-venue engagement, revenue and affinity is to think “cross-system” and “platform vs. product”. […]

Case Study: IMS Systems Implementation on the NFL’s Biggest Stage

IMS, working with a longtime customer, implemented an integrated multi-system retail solution for the NFL’s “Big Three” events that ran from Saturday January 24, 2015 through Monday February 2, 2015.   “One size fits all” systems no longer work for today’s unique Venue and Retail POS requirements. IMS, recommending a “best of breed” approach, utilized […]

Introducing eMobile POS

IMS is now offering eMobile POS to our portfolio of unique systems and services. A full function Mobile POS and inventory management solution able to run on Apple, Android or Windows mobile and tablet devices, eMobile separates itself from the field through its unique approach to multi-channel partner integration and commerce empowerment.   eMobile POS […]

EMV In One Easy Infographic

The EMV payment processing standard is now less than a year away. The implications on your business are dramatic. Contact IMS to assist in your transition to this global standard. The Infographic below (courtesy of Cayan-Merchant Warehouse) highlights liability shifts and your responsibilities.  

EMV Is Coming. Are You Ready?

Following up on our comprehensive EMV blog post from 2013 EMV. Chip and Pin. What You Need To Know, IMS believes the October 2015 transition to EMV cards in the US is a FIRM date. Here are links to some of the latest key news and research:   Star Strikes Deal with MasterCard in the Latest […]

Retail Pro and PCI Compliance: What You Need To Know

There has been much communication and confusion recently about Retail Pro and PCI Compliance. IMS customers have been receiving information from Retail Pro, Merchant Warehouse (MW – Retail Pro’s EFT exclusive provider) and Shift 4®.   IMS has prepared a Point of View (POV) to help our customers understand what is happening and to help […]

Stored Value Breakage and Revenue Recognition: Setting The Record Straight

IMS has noticed increasing confusion among its customers and prospective customers regarding the revenue recognition of prepaid value, gift cards, gift certificates and other types of stored value breakage.   Because of this confusion, IMS has developed a Point-of-View Brief to highlight key factors for breakage revenue recognition consideration.   Click here to read the […]

What Would You Do Differently If You Personally Knew Your Customer?

Coming out of a discussion recently with one of our Museum prospects, a point was raised about the difference between Members and out-of-town patrons. The discussion was centered on engagement and what could be done to drive incremental revenue. The conversation shifted to “knowing your customer”. Our prospect replied, ” that won’t matter as that […]

Pop-Up POS. Now’s The Time.

While Pop-Up retail stores are not new, what is new is the strategic approach to driving multiple benefits through Pop-Up retail. Pop-Ups originated as a way to take advantage of 2 main business drivers; seasonal selling and open/cheap real-estate. Quite often found in existing mall space, Pop-Ups provided multiple benefits to multiple audiences. For the […]

IMS Knowledge Briefs

IMS is pleased to share a number of “Knowledge Briefs” with our customers and potential customers. These Briefs offer concise descriptions, examples and definitions for a number of topics and areas that are relevant to IMS, its products and services.   These Knowledge Briefs will provide common knowledge,  information and a foundation for discussion, thinking […]

EMV. Chip and Pin. What You Need To Know.

What is EMV? The term EMV describes the interoperability between a new type of payment card technology and the payment terminals needed to process its use. This new type of payment card effectively describes chip-enabled credit & debit cards, or “smart cards” embedded with microchips capable of interacting with point-of-sale or ATM devices in a […]

Airlines, Sports And Dynamic Pricing

As Dynamic Pricing becomes a staple ticket pricing strategy in the sports industry, a primary justification is built on the success in the airline industry. While both have one thing in common, time-based supply and demand for seating, I’m sure most fans would say that their in-flight and in-venue experiences are not and should not […]

What Sports Can Learn From Sears and Eddie Lampert

After reading the extensive Bloomberg Business Week article on Sears failing strategy, At Sears, Eddie Lampert’s Warring Divisions Model Adds to the Troubles , even though it focuses on heavy data use, one simple thought comes to mind, “Where’s the customer in this strategy?” Separate P&Ls, zero collaboration, no focus nor understanding of the customer […]

Service Is NOT The Customer Experience

After just returning from the #ALSD2013 annual conference, I wanted to provide our point-of-view on one of the trends discussed, that being how Service is the Customer Experience. While we may be getting granular, we think that this definition is holding back the sports industry from really engaging with the customer on a personal, more […]

NFL and the Stadium Experience

Just a quick thought on today’s comments by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell as reported by Gregg Rosenthal on NFL.com . Rosenthal highlights Goodell’s comments as follows: The focus at the NFL Spring Meeting was clear: It was on the stadiums. We knew Super Bowl L and LI were awarded to San Francisco and Houston, respectively, in large part […]

The Building Blocks of Customer Intimacy

As customers/fans gain more control and power through personal technologies, they will demand that they, not your product, become your focus. The days of depending on your  product, or for sports, their on-field product, to carry the day and maintain long-term customer loyalty and spending are long gone. Ask any customer/fan and they’ll tell you […]

Dynamic Pricing – Yes or No?

See out thoughts on the Rafi Mohammed’s HBR blogpost on MLB Dynamic Pricing. Scroll down to see our comments. Agree or disagree? Let us know your thoughts!

Enterprise Wide Integration – IBM Featured Post

Take a moment and view the excellent blog post by our very own Steve Massi featured on the IBM Big Data Hub. Steve takes an in-depth look at Enterprise Wide Integration and why it’s an essential component of any Big Data initiative.

What Sports Can Learn From J.C. Penney

What can sports learn from one of the largest retailers in the country? We believe the current J.C. Penney challenges can be quite instructive.   Let’s start with initiating a major change in go-to-market strategy. We’re not talking about a shift here, but a major abandonment of their current strategy. First was a change in […]

Customer-Centric Data Mandates Customer Enagagement and ID

Another great week during IBMbigdata’s #cxo chat. This week’s topic brought up discussion around utilizing the customer’s digital footprint to enhance the customer’s experience. Much discussion centered around integrating data and using all data sources to develop a complete view of the customer. As expected, discussion moved to the customer’s offline experience and how to: […]

IMS Point Of View (POV) Briefs

IMS is pleased to share our point of view on a number of topics we feel are of value to our customers and prospective customers. IMS will use these Briefs to dig into a number of topics, sharing our insight on how these topics will impact your business. We will also share our point of […]

When Will Big Brand In-Store Promos Move In-Venue?

Just read the following Ad Age article about the big in-store promo/partnership between Pepsi and A-B InBev (Bud). It got me wondering when we’d start seeing these types of promos in-venue. Big Brands say they are looking for ways to enhance the fan experience while creating more omni-channel promotions. Why isn’t this happening? Perhaps it’s […]

College Football Soon More Popular Than MLB?

A recent article in Advertising Age reports that many expect College football to soon exceed MLB in fan popularity, driven by the it’s-about-time college football playoff system starting with the 2014 season. Long known for its rabid fan base, pageantry, tradition, and alumni loyalty, College football continues to outpace MLB in the number of “avid” […]

The Cashless Customer Experience

Disney is launching an RFID based customer wristband identifier called MyMagic+. The application of this technology allows customers to easily access the park, pay for items, receive reminders, and if desired, allow Disney characters to engage with you on a personal, intimate level. This Computerworld article provides more clarity on the execution. Of interest to IMS is […]

STADIS© Data from The 2012 MiLB Championship Game

IMS is pleased to share selective food, beverage, and retail merchandise data from the 2012 MiLB AAA Championship Game hosted by the Durham Bulls. All data was generated by The STADIS© Data Integration and Advanced Promotions Platform and was accessible in real time via the STADIS© web portal.  

Do You Pinterest?

Pinterest, the massively successful social site focused on sharing one’s interests through visual mediums, has finally announced the availability of business accounts. While similar to personal accounts, set-up is easier and new Terms of Service now authorize commercial use.   Pinterest allows Brands to engage and share with customers through visual “scrap-boards” and  storytelling. Retailers […]

What “Jobs” Are You Asking Your Point of Sale System to Do?

I just read through the Strategyn September newsletter, and it reminded me of the “jobs to be done” approach to innovation espoused by Strategyn, as well as Clayton Christensen. It got me thinking about, “what is the job you are asking of your point of sale system?”   Most merchants today would say that a […]

Who’s Driving the Big Data Bus?

During a recent Twitter #cxo chat, interesting discussion came up about “ownership” of big data. Most talked about having goals and objectives lead big data implementations. If this were the case, business groups would be leading the way. But in many orgs, big data implementations and utilization is being spearheaded by IT groups. Is there […]