IMS Point Of View (POV) Briefs

IMS is pleased to share our point of view on a number of topics we feel are of value to our customers and prospective customers. IMS will use these Briefs to dig into a number of topics, sharing our insight on how these topics will impact your business. We will also share our point of view on what actions customers should take to benefit from these areas of interest.

We welcome your feedback on these topics and the opportunity to discuss them with you in more detail.


      • Key Enablers of an Awesome Fan Experience
      • Key Motivators of an Awesome Fan Experience
      • Stored Value Breakage: Setting The Record Straight
      • Retail Pro and PCI Compliance: What Your Need To Know
      • Why You Need An Engagement Platform

Key Motivators of an Awesome Fan Experience

Stored Value Breakage: Setting The Record Straight

Retail Pro and PCI Compliance: What Your Need To Know

Why You Need An Engagement Platform

When Will Big Brand In-Store Promos Move In-Venue?

Just read the following Ad Age article about the big in-store promo/partnership between Pepsi and A-B InBev (Bud). It got me wondering when we’d start seeing these types of promos in-venue. Big Brands say they are looking for ways to enhance the fan experience while creating more omni-channel promotions. Why isn’t this happening? Perhaps it’s the perception baggage of old technology’s inability to create item-specific promotions? Or perhaps it old technology’s inability to track each promo item sold, in real time, back to the fan? Not sure, but those technology hurdles have been eliminated with The STADIS© Advanced Promotions Platform.

The STADIS© Advanced Promotions Platform lets the fan, team, concessionaire, sponsor, or loyalty system add hard-dollar and item level value onto any fan ID. Mix and match, use one or all. Leverage the open flexibility of STADIS© for new and more personal fan engagement.

Brands, isn’t it time to start taking your in-store sports promos to the place where it’s happening – in venue? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

College Football Soon More Popular Than MLB?

A recent article in Advertising Age reports that many expect College football to soon exceed MLB in fan popularity, driven by the it’s-about-time college football playoff system starting with the 2014 season. Long known for its rabid fan base, pageantry, tradition, and alumni loyalty, College football continues to outpace MLB in the number of “avid” fans, ranking second at 24.2%, while MLB was third at 20.6% (the NFL was tops at 33.3%). The gap in “avids” has been widening, said Bill Hofheimer, an ESPN spokesman. In 2001, the two sports were almost even at 17.4% for college football and 17.0% for baseball.

Media pundits expect ad growth to explode with the arrival of the playoff system. Sharon Byers, VP-sports and entertainment for Coca-Cola, predicts the new college football playoff in 2014 will turn into a multimedia advertising showcase for Madison Avenue. “It will be better than the Super Bowl,” Ms. Byers told Advertising Age at the 2012 IMG Intercollegiate Athletics Forum in New York last month.

But what of the fan’s in-venue experience? Tradition reigns as many of the largest stadiums still have bench seating, and no or limited point of sale (POS) systems. The in-venue experience has historically given way to the out-of-venue pre and post game tailgate experience. And according to this ESPN article, much of the spending on major renovation efforts is focused on many non fan-facing areas.

We wonder, with the major focus on alumni contributions, how much more money could schools raise if they knew who was really sitting in an alumna’s seat, and if they had detailed transaction data about what each of those actual fans was spending when on campus? We’d love to hear what you think.